Abbas Oglu Mixed Baklava with Pistachio and Cashew (200g)

Abbas Oglu Mixed Baklava with Pistachio and Cashew (200g)

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Let's Talk Baklava

Baklava is a delicious Mediterranean phyllo dough pastry filled with a variety of nuts and glazed with authentic Arabian ghee. The traditional delicacy comes in many different recipes originating from Middle Eastern countries like Turkey, Greece, Syria and more. Known for its tantalizing array of flavors and textures, Baklava can be made with pistachios, walnuts, almonds, and more. 

Baklava is a staple in Greek and Mediterranean Restaurants everywhere. Baklava is one of the best desserts for pot-lucks, social gatherings, work events, snacking & more. 

We've searched the world for the best tasting, highest quality, and most delightful Baklava and brought it here, to bring directly to you.

Abbas Oglu Pistachio & Cashew Baklava Minis

Our Delicious Abbas Oglu Baklava Selection includes traditional mediterranean baklava recipes that have been perfected in Istanbul, Turkey. Enjoy several tasty servings of Premium handmade Baklava with Crisp and Flaky Phyllo Dough and Crunchy Flavorful Pistachios. Our Abbas Oglu Pistachio & Cashew Baklava includes assorted gourmet varieties in each box

The perfect size for a quick snack!

Each box of Abbas Oglu Pistachio and Cashew Mixed Baklava includes a variety of recipes including:

  • Pistachio Nest - Bul Bul - "Birds Nest"
  • Khol & Shkor Baklava with Pistachio
  • Balloreyah with Pistachio
  • Turkish Baklava with Pistachio
  • Pistachio Dolma 
  • Phyllo Dolma  

Abbas Oglu Premium Pistachio and Cashew Baklava, Delicious and Ready To Eat! Treat a friend, family member, or fulfill your sweet tooth with our Abbas Oglu Turkish Baklava at Aroma Imports. 

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