Aroma's collection of Halawa is supplied in accordance with our good friends at Al Ameera. Halawa, commonly known as "Halva" (Arabic for sweets), is a traditional middle-eastern sesame based sweet. With our main ingredient being our very own Tahina (sesame paste), we have come up with various Gluten Free recipes to satisfy our customers. These recipes include plain and pistachio traditional halva, chocolate and plain halawa spreads, as well as shredded halawa and a mix of small cookies.

To explain how our Halawa is made I'll start with our main ingredient, our very own Tahina
Tahina comes from sesame seeds that are soaked in water and then crushed to separate the bran from the kernels. The crushed seeds are then soaked in salt water, causing the bran to sink. Once the bran has sunk, the floating kernels are skimmed off the surface, toasted, and ground to produce an oily paste known as Tahina

We then  mix our Tahina with flavor additives and natural sweeteners like sugar, honey, and pistachios to give us the final product.
This process carefully works its way into every case of Halawa sold here at Aroma Imports and into a store near you.