More About Oleum Hispania

Oleum Hispania offers the world's best Extra Virgin Olive Oils directly from the mill.

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First of all, the best olives are well selected and harvested in the exact moment of ripeness which assures the maximum quality of the product.
To achieve this, in the month of August the farms are visited to start the monitoring and the controlling of the olive trees to choose the best olive from its origin.

Oleum Hispania possesses 200 hectares of own olive groves, from which it is obtained part of the Premium Oil. 

Once harvested, the olives are carried to the mill, where it is milled in the next 24 hours to preserve the quality of the final product. The process of cold extraction is realized by means of mechanical procedures at temperature below of 25ºC, with the aim of not altering the flavour and the original properties of the olive and obtaining an Extra Virgin Olive oil (EVOO) of first extraction that preserves intact all its properties, vitamins and fat acids highly beneficial for the organism.

Once produced, the oil is stored in inert containers, protected from light and air, and at controlled temperatures to avoid oxidation and to preserve the quality and properties of the olive oil.

To sum up, the control of the crops, the early harvesting, the careful selection of the olive from the tree and the process of extraction in cold, together with the team's combined knowledge and gained experience year after year, are the keys to obtaining an extra virgin olive oil of the best quality.