Fruit Swirl Turkish Delight

Fruit Swirl Delight - Mixed Turkish Delight with Vegan Marshmallow

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Our signature Aroma Delight with a new and delicious marshmallow twist! Bring the Turkish tradition home with the taste of royalty with our new "Fruit Swirl Delight" by Aroma Imports!

Great Tasting - Gourmet Quality - Quick Shipping - Halal - Vegan - Gluten Free 

Included in this Mixed Fruit Turkish Delight Wrapped with Marshmallow Swirl are the following flavors;


- Pomegranate

- Orange

- Lemon

- Chocolate

- Mastic

- Apple

Gourmet Quality - Quick Shipping - Halal - Kosher - Gluten Free - Vegan - Aroma Imports