Wild Cucumber Pickles (1 lb or 1 kg)

Wild Cucumber Pickles (1 lb or 1 kg)

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Premium Arabic Wild Cucumber Pickles, 100% Authentic Middle Eastern Recipe, Non-Perishable, Vegan, Vegetarian. Beautiful and vibrant Cham Farms pickled cucumbers are full of flavor and have a delicious tangy crunch.

Authentic Arabic Recipe - Wild Grown Cucumber Pickles

This product is available in 2 sizes:

1 pound Wild Cucumber Pickles (500g/16 oz)

2.2 pounds Wild Cucumber Pickles (1kg/36oz)

Try Aroma Imports' Cucumber Pickles by Cham Farms for a perfect complement to your favorite falafel, roasted chicken, kebab, or gyro sandwich. 

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