Cinnamon Walnut Halawa Shredded
Cinnamon Walnut Halawa Shredded

Cinnamon Walnut Halawa Shredded

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Cinnamon and Walnut Shredded Halva (Halawa, Halwa, halvah)

All Natural / Non GMO - Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Vegan 

Made with Premium Sesame, Cinnamon, and Walnuts

Aroma Imports' Gourmet Halawa (Halva) Collection is a taste of Mediterannean delicacy in every bite. Made with premium quality ingredients and delicious flavors that are refined into our best fan-favorite & traditional halva recipe.

Aroma Imports Shredded Halva is available in the following flavors:

(1) Cinnamon & Walnut Halawa (Halva)

(2) Chocolate Marble Shredded Halawa (Halva)

(3) Pistachio Shredded Halawa (Halva)

(4) Almond Halawa (Halva)

(5) Mixed Nut Halawa (Halva)

(6) Rose & Pistachio Halawa (Halva)

(7) Plain Shredded Halawa (Halva)

Looking for a halva variety? Try our Shredded Halva Sampler Bundle!


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Cinnamon Walnut Halawa Shredded