Handmade Mosaic Decorative Box - Octagon Gift Box

Handmade Mosaic Decorative Box - Octagon Gift Box

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Handmade Mosaic Wood Boxes by Aroma Imports. 

  • Mother of Pearl Inlay
  • Hand-painted and polished finish
  • Hinged Box
  • Soft and vibrant Red Velvette inner-casing
  • Dimensions: L 7in  x  W 4.5in  x H 2in 

Guaranteed to last a lifetime with proper care.

Our Imported Syrian Boxes at Aroma Imports follow the ancient style of woodworkings that can be traced throughout the Mediterranean from Egypt, to Syria and everywhere throughout the region. Often referred to as Egyptian boxes, mosaic boxes, Syrian boxes, and many other names, these boxes are a Mediterannean staple to every household. These decorative boxes can be used as gift boxes, to store jewelry, sweets, or anything your heart desires.

Fill your box with some delicious Aroma Imports Sweets! 

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