Zhourat Shamia (100g) Herbal Tea

Zhourat Shamia (100g) Herbal Tea

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Fresh Zhourat Shamia Herbal Tea, a Mediterannean specialty of mixed herbs and flowers. 

"zhourat" in Arabic, is a herbal infusion. The tea consists of a blend of wildflowers, herbs, leaves, and fruits and is a typical beverage of Lebanon , Syria , Palestine & more countries across the Mediterranean.

It is said that Zhourat Shamia tea helps the body's immune system fight off viruses and dangerous infection-causing bacteria. It may improve metabolism and weight loss when consumed regularly; it soothes gas, cramps, and bloating as well as a cure-all for stomach upsets. 

INGREDIENTS: Chamomile Flowers, Sage Leaves, Red Rose, Lemon Balm (Melissa), Mint Leaves

Zhourat Shamia Syrian Herbal Tea by Aroma Imports